Deonne Wolman

I hired Tracy Imm as a personal coach to help me examine and redefine my career goals so they would work in tandem with my personal aspirations. I was in a slump, and was lacking the motivation, direction and courage to take the steps necessary to reach my highest potential. Boy, am I glad that I made the decision to bring Tracy on as personal coach! Tracy was instrumental in helping me clearly define my goals, focus my energy, and she gave me the gift of confidence to move forward with a well thought out plan moving forward as a start the next chapter of my life as a soon-to-be “empty nester mom”. My only regret is that I wish I had her as a personal coach sooner in my life!

– Deonne Wolman, R.N. MedStar Health

Mary Beth Eikenberg Swidersky

I have had the opportunity to know Tracy both personally and professionally for over 35 years. I continue to be amazed and inspired by her focus, her tenacity and drive to become successful in helping others with personal development and career advancement. She is an extremely dynamic person and fun to be around. It’s clear that she truly enjoys helping others!

– Mary Beth Eikenberg Swidersky, Baltimore RE

Martha Robison

Tracy offered some tools and ideas that allowed me to dig deeper into what I want out of life and why. This introspection has opened some new opportunities to be a better me! – Martha Robison, Philanthropy Officer, Helping Up Mission

Larry Kumor

Tracy brings energy and enthusiasm into a company. At Algeco Scotsman, she did outstanding work in building a global communications strategy across the various brands around the world. In addition, she was heavily involved in the integration work as new acquisitions were brought into the company including those in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and China.

– Larry Kumor, Algeco Scotsman

Lisa Lundberg

I worked very closely with Tracy for more than four years at Constellation Energy. Tracy is able to combine a mastery of business operations and communications strategy, with a keen intuitive sense of people and business chemistry. She has the innate ability to clearly see the critical barriers to success and develop an appropriate approach to overcome those barriers successfully.

Tracy is also a brilliant communications strategist who consistently delivers the most thoughtful, balanced and appropriate response to both crisis and proactive PR messages. She is able to bring her ability to incorporate national perspectives and local relevance to each project.

She has a positive attitude, is extremely personable, is well liked by her colleagues and has the ability to effectively lead, inspire and perform at a high level.

I highly recommend Tracy’s work and commend her passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence in everything she does in her life.

– Lisa Lundberg, Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin

Amelia Ruzzo

Tracy consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. Her efforts produced high quality results for ATK time and time again. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication, professional poise and a constant smile. Tracy is a high energy, take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She developed several communications plans for ATK which have successfully resulted in increased revenue, execution effectiveness, and increased industry exposure. I consider Tracy to be one of the most outstanding members of our organization.

Amelia Ruzzo, Vice President, Business SystemsATK’s Mission Systems Group

Brian Meeley

I worked very closely with Tracy for more than two years in the planning and execution of communications and outreach activities for the fledgling nuclear power venture UniStar Nuclear Energy. Tracy was responsible for guiding and coordinating UniStar activities and issues with those of the rest of Constellation Energy’s power generation lines of business. Her strategic guidance on key issues was always on target, and her ability to see critical points of intersection across the various functions and lines of business were central to the venture’s success, particularly for a publicly traded utility and electric power provider. Tracy knew the organization better than most, and was consistently able to cut through bureaucratic limitations to get the job done, and with outstanding results. And, Tracy is a real pleasure to work with in the process. Her capability, professionalism and bright attitude are a rare combination that enable her to effectively lead, inspire and perform at a high level, even under the most challenging of circumstances. I highly recommend Tracy as a leader and a highly valued member of any team.

– Brian Meeley, Potomac Communications

Angelique Rewers

Tracy is a talented strategist, an exceptional communicator and people manager. She always hits the ground running and delivers results quickly.

– Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent™

Biz Debnath

Bright, intelligent and sharp are just only basic words which describe Tracy. I worked with her at ITT and what I saw was an strategic person who really understood the complexities of $7bil conglomerate and was able to navigate and network through its corporate culture to understand what really needed to be done to help the executives get their messages across. So if you just want a comms person, she is not your candidate but if you are looking for a smart, approachable intelligent person who can quickly detect the DNA of your organization and craft strategic communication critical to the success of your organization then I have no hesitation in recommending her. It’s the best hiring decision you will make.

Biz Debnath, HCL-Axon

Bruce Wallick

In one word “professional” in all aspects of business and particularly in maintaining and enhancing intra-company relations. A sincere desire to achieve continual improvement in marketing and customer relations as well as efficiency in operations strategy.

– Bruce Wallick, President, Social Toaster

Cathy Melton

Tracy is an extremely talented and dedicated member of our team. Her committment to excellence is unsurpassed. She is truly gifted at creating and managing corporate communications for a variety of audiences, and has a keen eye for identifying what the customer wants. Her professionalism and decorum is one that we should all aspire for. She is able to successfully multitask in an environment where needs are constantly changing and evolving. It has been a pleasure working with her.

– Cathy Melton, Northrop Grumman

Claudia Ciolfi

Tracy Imm demonstrates outstanding professional communication skills in writing, speaking, and strategic planning. Her professional development workshops at local, regional, and national communication educational events are highly rated. Tracy is one of those rare individuals who inspire others to reach their maximum potential, which makes her a great leader. She understands complex private business and government roles, and applies her communication skills to help organizations achieve their goals. If you are considering adding Tracy to your communication team, do it. It will be one of the best decisions you make today.

– Claudia Ciolfi, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company & PRSA-Maryland Chapter President

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